Product Name: Silo and feed transfer auger
 Application: transfer pellet and powder material(mesh)  
 Description: feed auger and silo is one of the product of khazar electric co , which has great application.
In all producing silos, charge is  from the bottom and can be done by auger..
galvanized silo according to daily intake and meal duration are choose and built.
Transferring chicken feed from the silo into the saloon is done by Ugarit is done easily and quickly
even with the 90 degree  knee without wasting any feed.
The advantages of this system can be listed as follows:
 mesh and pellet silo, storage capacity 3 to 100 tons
 Fully health
 highly resistant to corrosion (galvanized materials)
 One-year warranty and after sales service for ten years
 have closed the door on top of the silo and would be completely waterproof and impervious.

specification of  Silo:
A lower lever is equipped, so door of silo is easily opens 180 degrees
capability of installing load cell and regulating output
Safe and easy access to the top of the silo with ladder
Shutters body that has the highest resistance against permeability
W-shaped base which made of heavy galvanized that has the greatest resistance.

feed transfer auger:
transferring feed  from warehouse to store or desired location without the constraints of distance and position
auger is made of flexible steel
reduce the cost of transferring feed to saloon

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