NAME OF PRODUCT: STERILIZER OF HOSPITAL WASTE model post shredder with horizontal sterilizer and shredder
Description :
 The device usage: sterilizer of hospital waste is using for various kind of waste including Pathological wastes and blood ,wounds, tissues and organs removed from patient , Bandages and cotton wool and exudates and pus from infected wounds, Contaminated syringes razor blades and other contaminated sharp instruments , Disposable plastic containers contaminated with biological ,chemical and radioactive materials
Sterilizer model post shredder 2000 with  horizontal cylinder is made of stainless steel 304 L ,working with  Central steam of  Hospital, equipped with pre- vacuum system, automatic pneumatic  valves  for steam injection and discharge, water discharge associated with the initial vacuum, monitoring system HMI , Choice of cycles B & D ,and sterile cycle of 121 and  134 C. fully automatic operation and  pneumatic systems for complete sealing  ring around the charge and discharge door, equipped with two gearboxes, 7/5 KW , Model KhdGL2180

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