Description : The best choice for processing large volumes of animal waste compost and fertilizer :
This device is equipped with a rotary blade tip is in the glass. The final product will be same shape with a uniform moisture content. The specific design of blades, manure lesions in the upper rail and a dense, dome-shaped structure is created. this increased exposure to air and therefore increases the efficiency of drying process . .
Manure drying system uses a flange motor and moving chains and chains Wheel have been removed so there would be no need for maintenance and lubrication. Capacity of Rotary engine can be adjusted depending on conditions and lesions. The device Is an inverter that helps reduce working hours. Production of  tightly uniform pellet is due to  integrated upward mix of manure and rapid rotation. According to investigations of khazar Electric about 70 percent of poultry manure are converted into pellets with size 4 to 11 mm .
The benefits of organic manure dryer ::

           o the best choice for drying manure
           o Lack of environmental contamination
           o proper revenue source
           o Quick and easy setup
           o variable length according to customer request
           o removal of weed seeds
           o Remove the 5 patients in dryed fertilizer

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