Name of product: sterilizer of hospital waste  model THWK750
 Application :
 Sterilizing hospital and laboratory wastes
Description :
Technical specifications of the device :
 Capacity :equivalent to 750 liters per batch and launched in less than one hour
 Equipped with shredder  for Shredding various types of infectious waste
Coordinated and synchronized sterilling and shredding  within a closed chamber
Reduction of volume of waste  to 70%, recording stages of sterilling    
not  Creating  noise pollution and power consumption 8.5 kWh
Certification of  Environmental Protection Agency's to eliminate  Bacillus stearo thermophilus and bacillus subtilis
Dimension: length 2.6 m, width 1.25 m,height:4.6 m   ,weight: approximately 4 ton   
Operation: at first , insert the waste into the shredder ,shredder  convert All material into tiny pieces  approximately size of 3-5 cm , After being crushed , waste are continuously mixed  inside the chamber and  all of them stuck to uniform high temperature of chamber and stay within 10 min in pressure 2.2 bar and temperature 134 centigrade.
This conditions of high temperature and pressure destroys all the germs off.
final product which their volume is reduced a lot, are completely not harmless and have no danger to the environment and could be disposed like other urban waste
khazar electric industrial group  honors to achieved :
Standard  certification of medical equipment
 Amol Health Department approval on device performance
Appreciation of presidency of khazar electric industrial group
 Environmental erformance certification by Alpha zist gostar company

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