Product Name: hot air heater
 Application: For poultry, greenhouse, and drying food production hall, gymnasium, pool,
carpet cleaning, and every public places
Good Thermal efficiency 
Capacity: 75 000 to 500 000 kcal per hour
ready for installation
These devices provide the heat needed in systems such as greenhouses, production halls,
factories , dry food and poultries.
Furnaces  are producing  in 3 pass to achieving the highest efficiency which had  
generated by gas or gasoil burners, and with the help of fans and blowers are transferred to the desired location.


Jet heater
For poultry farming, greenhouse, production and drying food hall, gym, pool, carpet cleaning, and public places
• No dust enters into fuel assemblies
• Adjusting fuel consumption and  temperature of heater
• High efficiency
• portable and can be installed at a height
• Reducing cost of fuel and electricity
• Delivery with gas, diesel or dual burner


Product Name :unit heater
 Application: Used in poultry, greenhouses and industrial saloons especially for long saloons producing  of uniform hot air in the floor of saloon
 Description: unit  heater  with heat recovery capabilities  and complete mixing  of hot and cold air

The benefits of unit heater:
circulating of  hot water
 savings in energy consumption due to the thermal storage capacity of hot water
 more oxygen in the saloon due to lack of combustion process inside saloon
 prevent the fire in  poultry saloon due to lack of fuel transfer

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