Product Name :  Poultry and industrial fan
Application :  poultry And industry with more than 43 000 cubic meters of airvolume
description : khazar electric new fans are new production for ventilation.
 This series of fans have a lot of benefits such as high air volume, low noise,
low power consumption, and automatic damper. their  performance are confident that they require
very little maintenance. Therefore they are  ideal for tunnel ventilation of poultry house and also for
 air conditioning of industrial saloon ,greenhouses  and warehouses can be used.  These fans also
feature long-term performance in poor weather conditions such as wet environments or corrosive gases
Benefits of Industrial Fans:

Removing water vapor from the poultry house
Oxygen supply requirements of chickens
Temperature control
Reduce the unpleasant smell of fermentation
Removing harmful gases such as ammonia and carbon dioxide from the hall
Cooling environment: air flow convective heat transfer is increased and the birds and any other object that
is placed in the air while the body temperature is not too close to air temperature and relative humidity is
very high in the air
using of fan help to cooling
Climate control and air ventilation with  High volume and low pressure


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