Alpha-Air aerator model splash
• Application:
• Description:
motor is made of  stainless steel and compact plastic
Saving Energy

                                                                airjet aerator

• Application:
In the pool
• Description:
Pools with a depth of 2 m and more
single Or three phase  motors , 1/5 hp

                                             Force alfa aerator

Application: Aeration
Compact and lightweight, adjustable working angle, low consumption, increase performance
Aeration: 2.1 kg per hour


                       Impeller aerator
  • Impeller is  made ​​of alloy steel which is including of  chrome, manganese,
  • titanium, carbon and nitrogen that makes the lifetime of the device incredible.

    Aeration: 4/87 kg per hour


                                           aeration unit (12 V) for machine

Very simple to use, special for transporting of alive fish, suitable for aeration and disinfection


                                                           pedaling aerator

very good aeration
• Description:
High efficiency in comparison with  helical gears
Aeration: 2/59 kg per hour
very good aeration and oxygensupply


Alfa air aerator
 Product Name: Alfa air aerator
Aeration for fishery farms
• Description:
Single phase and three phase, low noise and can be used in agricultural industry and fishery farms


                                                     Pumping aerator


A device with 2 efficiency, light weight, low noise, single-phase
Aeration: 2.1 kg  per hour

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