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The best choice for processing large volumes of animal waste with sickle-shaped blades in the rotary tip. for this reason, the final product will be uniform and with a uniform moisture content. Due to the special design of the blades, the waste is compressed in the upper part of the rail and a dome structure is formed. This increases the amount of airborne contact, which increases the efficiency of the drying process.

The fertilizer application uses a flanged engine and the chain and chain saw are removed, maintenance and lubrication are not required. Rotary engine capacity is adjustable depending on the type and condition of the waste.

This machine also has an inverter that helps reduce working hours. It is possible to produce a large percentage of integrated and solid pellets because of the mixing of materials upwards and the rapid rotation of the paddle.

According to a research carried out at Khazar Electric, about 70% of poultry manure is converted into pellets with sizes of 4-11 millimeters.


The best choice for drying livestock and poultry manure ... without polluting the environment

Good income source and easy setup.

Variable length according to customer request

Removal of weed seeds removal of five common diseases in fertilizer

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