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Silo and feed transferor

Silo and transferor are one of the Khazar Electric products that used in animal husbandry.In all silos, silo charges from below and by auger.Galvanized silo produces due to daily consumption and feed time. Feed transfer will done from silo to salon with auger.

:The benefits of this system include the following items

*Scapacityave tank with 3 to 100 tons 
*Completely hygienic

* Rustproof( galvanized)
*1 year guarantee and 10 years after sales service

*Has a cap on top of the silo and, if closed, will be completely waterproof and impenetrable


:Silo specification

* With a lever that lets you open the silo door by 180 degrees
* Capability of load cell installation and output material regulation
*Has a safe ladder and easy access to the top of the silo
* Shutter body that has the most resistance against permeation
*Has a base in the form of a W and a heavy galvanized material with high resistance.

 Transferor auger

* Capability to transfer the storage from the warehouse to the desired location without a space limit
* Has a circular auger of flexible steel
*Reducing the cost of transportation to the production halls

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