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Nipple drinking

Providing clean and fresh water is one of the most important factors in the growth of chickens and maintaining the health of the flock. Nipple Drinking System includes filters, drug injection pump, water intake monitor, pressure regulator, adjustable height winch and saucer under the nipple. The benefits of this system include the constant supply of fresh water, maintaining hygiene and reducing water consumption. The following benefits can be gained from the nipple drinking system:

*Use of angled tubes for better discharge

*High hygiene in relation to pendant drinkers and round pipes

*Increasing the level of hatching

*Great design for reduce drinking failure

*The most appropriate means to add drugs, vaccines, etc. with water

*Using the best material in making

*One year guarantee and ten years after sales service

*Easy cleaning and washing

*Reducing labor costs

*Minimum time for cleaning

*The death rate and bacterial contamination and the cost of treatment are almost always lower than the cost of other drinkers.

*Lowering the moisture content of the bed and creating a suitable bed in the hall

*The most suitable instrument to integrate medicine, vaccine with water


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