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Suitable for poultry, greenhouses, food production and drying halls, sports halls, swimming pools, carpets, and public areas, especially cold mountainous areas

Description :

*Proper thermal performance

75000 to 500000 Kcal/hr capacity

*Delivered ready for installation and installation.

*Furnace made of special alloy steel, high temperature resistance

*Equipped by power box and anti-explosion dampers

*Suitable fan for high temperature operation and temperature control

*Delivered as gas, gasoline or dual fuel

*Double galvanized body with refractory thermal insulation

This machine is used to supply heat in various systems, such as greenhouses, production halls, factories and drying food and poultry. The furnaces are made in three passes to get the most out of the heat generated by the gas or gasoline burners and are transferred to the desired location with help of fans and blowers.

Jet heater


Application :

Suitable for poultry, greenhouses, food production and drying halls, gyms, swimming pools, carpets, and public areas



*No entry of dust into the fuel collection

*Ability to adjust the fuel and temperature of the machine

*High efficiency

*Capability of portable installation at any height

*Reduce fuel and electricity costs

*Delivered as gas, gasoline or dual fuel



Thermal heater unit


Suitable for poultry houses, greenhouses and industrial halls, especially for large length halls. Generating warm air uniformly on the floor of the hall. heater unit with the ability to recycle heat in the hall and complete mix of hot and cold air.


*Using the knowledge of the day to increase the thermal coefficient


*Need small space, especially in ceiling models

*Reduce electricity and fuel costs compared to other systems

*Ideal distribution of heat

*Hot water in circulation

*Energy saving due to warm water storage capacity

*More oxygen in the hall due to lack of internal combustion process

*Prevention of fire in poultry plant due to lack of fuel transfer



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