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Feed pan

:The benefits of a feed pan are below items 

*Ability to use in all ages from hatching to mature chickens

*Special design of feed pan

*Help the breeder for increasing the breeding capacity

*Due to its unique shape, has a low conversion factor

*Using the best material in making

*Easy opening of the plate pan for washing

*One year guarantee and ten years after sales service

*Uniformly growth




*Easy adjustment

*Uniform distribution in hall

*The inability to select ingredients by chickens

*Prevention of losses due to the closure of channels and corners

*Prevention of chicken infestation at entrance of salon in rationing time

*Because feed is moving within a channel and other external factors do not enter the feed, preventing the spread of various diseases of the feed

*Easy to replace all parts

*Possibility of adjusting the dose by increasing the age of the chick

*Increasing the level of hatching


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