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Transferring material like pellet and powder etc always has been one of the main problems that solved by using elevator, feeder and chain conveyor

Let's look at some types of transferors

Elevator series transferors     

*Vertical material transferor up to 50 tons per hour

*Bucket elevator or elevator for transfer

* Affordable
*Metal, stainless steel, abrasion resistant steel and resistant to atmospheric and environmental conditions body and components

*Metal, Plastic, nylon, cast iron or metal sheet bucket for different material

*Proper output for perfect discharge of material

*Plating sprocket wheel and drum for elevators and hard work conditions

*Special rubber belt for elevator

*Save space       


Feeder series transferors


This type of transferor used in ramp area and U-shaped with 10 to 25 cm diameter



Chain conveyor series transferors

This transferor works horizontally and have capacity up to 20 tons/hr

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