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Oxygen Producer Machine

21% of the air is oxygen that can be separated by the PSA method and stored by zeolite adsorbent

In the oxygen producer machine, the oxygen is separated and the oxygen flow is about 95% purity and with 5 Bar pressurized deliver to the consumer, which can be used for hospital, aquaculture and industrial use


  • High installation safety with other conventional methods
  • Capability to store oxygen during hours of use to use in high consumption hours
  • Capability to design in different capacities according to the need of
  • Zeolite adsorbent with a life span of 5 years and high absorption quality of 95% ± 2%
  • Use of carbon-active filters for oil vapor filtration
  • Use of several micro filters to absorb the smallest particles of dust up to 0 mg / m3
  • Equipped by antibacterial filter for controlling the air outlet to 0.0001%
  • Oxygen purity Online Control and display of output
  • Alarm and disconnection of oxygen output from the consumer in the event of reduced purity

Technical Specification

Oxygen Generatorn

1- Desig Range capacity of 150 ~ 1500 liter/ min

2-The amount of suspended particles in accordance with global standard(less than 0.01 mg/m3)

3-The amount of particles and steam oil according to the highest global standard

4-PLC control system and online oxygen screen

5-Online oxygen analyzing with precision of 0.01%

6-Oxygen purity with 95%±2 precision and 5 Bar pressure

7-Capability to set output pressure for the consumer


Compressor specifications

  • Using Screw Compressors with Minimum Output Sound
  • Control system and online screen by PLC
  • Design capabilities with different capacities depending on oxygen requirement of the generator
  • An air storage tank with an epoxy internal co


Air Dryers:

Capability of design with different type of cooling and absorbent dryers due to the climate of the installation site

  •  °C Dew point
  • Refrigeration dryer for drying the air to the dew point of +3 ° C. Dew point
  • -40 °C  Dew point
  • Absorbent dryer for drying air to dew point -40 ° C Dew point


Air filters

  • Adsorption filters of dust and oil with size of 1 micron, 0.01 micron and 0.003 microns
  • Antibacterial filter with bacteria absorption up to 0.001



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