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:Paddy harvester produces in two different models

1-Two thresher


2-  I TYPE

Due to the existence of a thresher with two Meters length and proper design of the cleaner section has higher capacity in comparison with two thresher model

This machine used for harvesting paddy

:This machine made up below items 

Rubber 500*90*51 and 550*90*54

102 HP diesel motor

40 ml flow in each rotation, HST gearbox in two model (65 and 75), pump

Harvester head with 2.2 meters cutting width and 40 cm front spiral that prevents paddy branch stuck.

Chain conveyor section (transformer product from cutting section to thresher section

thresher section

Cleaning section

Product conveyor helix

Machine chassis

Final tank with 1.5 m3 capacity

:Machine advantage

1-paddy harvesting in swampy land due to ribbed rubber

2-Lower hit to paddy and higher efficiency due to special thresher

3-Easy gear changing due to HST pump

4-Capability of install discharge conveyor

 5-Clean final product

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