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Khazar Electric Knowledge based company started its innovative production since 1981 and now with using the highest technical abilities and over than 150 employees in different fields of engineering continue its work and with design, different patent and innovations in conversion industry, modern poultry and livestock and aquatic accessories, Rendering & cooker dryer for hatchery and slaughterhouse waste. This production based on highest knowledge and technology and observing all scientific points and optimizing fuel and energy consumption Khazar Electric designed and manufactured different types of grain and paddy dryer, industrial fans and high technology agricultural machinery with confirmation of Agricultural Research Institute of Agricultural Engineering. Our Company designed and manufactured sterilizer of hospital and laboratory waste machines with approval and license of the general office of Medical Equipment and with experiment of great projects all over Iran and also try our best to upgrade Iranian industial abilities. With establishment of the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 system, approvals of standards 14001 10002 and 18001, receiving the National Product Standard, Research and Development License and membership in Mazandaran Province Science and Technology Park, Trying to increase production in domestic and foreign markets include CIS countries, Iraq and Turkey etc. This Company is proud that by Presentation good after sales service, has received a certificate and statue of the Consumer Protection and Manufacturers Association for four consecutive year and has won the gold medal at the International Basel inventions and innovations exhibition and selected as a superior entrepreneur and exporter

Hope to reach the higher level of knowledge, technology and industry by relying on God's grace and Iranian effort and knowledge

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